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German Roaches

         The Domestic Roach that is Adapted to living with Us!

       They smell bad, poop on everything, and multiply fast!

       They are also Easy (for us) to Eliminate in most homes!

A Terrible Roach to Live With

German Roaches are usually associated with uncleanlyness.  Yet they can live easily in a very clean kitchen.  They can eat anything (even each other) but are dependent on water sources so they tend to stay close to kitchens and bathrooms.  They are called “domestic roaches” as they are not adapted to living outside so they are not typically introduced into a home from outdoors.

Maybe the Worst of all Roaches!

What you are looking at in the picture here, to be blunt, in roach poop smeared on a kitchen wall behind where the fridge was.  The roaches hung out on the cord and against the wall.  With an infestation this bad it can be noticed just opening the front door (I heard a landlord refer to the smell as vomit like).  To make it worse, they crawl all over the eating utensils and dishes and poop there as well.  Yep there’s no redeeming virtue to this creature.

german roach poop

Our “Natural Dust-Baiting” system is simply the Best!

Our method of elimination for German Roaches is a simple one-step approach that requires little preparation.  The active ingredient is natural, the process is not disruptive, and while there is a short delay in the observable reduction, the overall results are almost always 100% elimination. Because it usually takes one treatment, the price is even somewhat less than typical effective treatments.  And because our process relys on a dry dust “bait” the active product does not degrade quickly, and the dust can be picked up easier by the roaches allowing for a more reliable outcome over time.  Because of this we can usually offer an unconditional 1 year warranty

By comparison, most other companies use a methodology that requires several treatments. They may fog or fumigate first (requiring completely empty cabinets) and follow up by spraying and/or gel baiting around infested areas.  The gel becomes less effective as it drys out leaving an unsightly mess. Often this process is much more work and disruption yet often yields incomplete results.

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