Innovative and Modern Pest Protection

Our ongoing pest management programs are designed for the challenges of our Sonoran Desert environment. Pests thrive here and their biology often conflicts with your comfort and safety. Our programs are designed to destroy and prevent pests (roaches, ants, scorpions, rodents, etc) from detracting from the joy of living here.

Our Initial Service Visit

One of our licensed and trained technicians will do a comprehensive inspection to determine what kinds of pests are on the property, but also determine what may contribute to pest problems. Even inside, we can offer advice on unique pests like bed bugs and carpet beatles. Along with a write up of what the inspection found, for the initial service we will:

  • Perform a detailed inspection of the property.  We will be looking for signs of existing and typical pest infestations, but also those not normally looked for by an average bug guy.  This would include rodent activity, areas they might exploit, signs of termites, and areas that encourage pest issues.
  • Bait first the property thoroughly. This will help bring out ants that may be hunkered down in the heat of the day.
  • Apply a preventative barrier around both the foundation and fenceline
  • Inspect and flush out spiders and other creatures from kids toys, patio furniture and other items, and remove webs.
  • Reinspect for any other needs or services to be performed
  • Discuss any needs regarding the regular service.


We offer Every Other Month (our most popular), Monthly or Quarterly Service. The frequency is determined by your self but also the amount of environmental pressure in regards to reoccurring pest issues. The service is always guaranteed and we do not require contracts!


  • Inspect for pest issues ie: spider webs, droppings, etc
  • Bait all high risk areas (a bait first approach)
  • Prepare property for a spray treatment
  • A perimeter treatment with a top quality product chosen for both safety and efficacy.
  • Flush out spiders and remove webs
  • Inspect and refill Rodent Bait boxes if applicable.

Our Promise is 100% Happy!

When you chose to have a pest control company on your property it is a difficult decision on who to choose. We guarantee you will be happy with our service, or we will not charge you (or refund what you paid)! No contracts, no stress!

The Naturzone Difference.

If you do not give us any guidance on what you are expecting of us, our default methodology is to operate in a fashion where we do not expose you, your children or pets to pesticides, and to have a minimal impact on the local environment. And most importantly, to give you the effectiveness you desire.

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