Ant and Termite Treatment- Phoenix / Scottsdale Termites

In Phoenix and Scottsdale Termites and ants are an ongoing concern for homeowners!

Some of the same methods can control Phoenix and Scottsdale Termites and Ants. Sometimes a Termite treatment can have the added benefit of controlling ants inside and outside the home as well. In this featured video I’ll show you how a termite treatment can not only protect a home from ants, but may even run the entire colony out of town for good!

When we do a treatment for Phoenix and Scottsdale Termites we inject and saturate the ground around the foundation of the home with a termiticide that insects can’t tell is bad for them. The advantage to this is that the termites, and ants when they are in the treated area, go about their usual business not knowing that anything is wrong. They get the termiticide on them, and also transfer it to others in the colony that may not have come in contact with it initially.

In the video you see the ants “heading for the hills” so to speak, with their young. This is not a response from the chemical, but rather it is a flood response that is usually triggered during heavy rain. They are heading for higher ground to form a new colony there. Little do they realize that they will all soon be dead.

scottsdale termites

Thousands of ants running from a termite treatment. The white specks are their eggs.

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