What’s the Natural Method of Pest Control? Phoenix Scottsdale Exterminators

What’s the natural method of pest control for Phoenix and Scottsdale Exterminators?

In Phoenix and Scottsdale Exterminators like us are always asked about natural methods for keeping bugs out of homes. It’s important to understand that the word “Natural” means different things to different people. I will break down for you what natural Exterminating is to us at NaturZone Pest Control.

Natural Methods

We like to talk about our natural, or more responsible methods of controlling pests. Folks like to ask what products we use. The answer is a very wide assortment of products from pure botanical extracts, to some safe synthetic products. The products aren’t as important as the methods though.

We use pesticides, botanical or not, in areas where you don’t come in contact with them. Spraying the foundation of your home, flushing cracks and crevices, and block fences as well as other areas that are away from where you live.

Baits are used to control ants, crickets, and roaches around your yard. Most of these baits have naturally derived ingredients. The benefit to using baits around the property this way is that it greatly reduces the population of bugs to be kept out of the home. This reduced population also starves other critters like spiders and scorpions of their needed food source.


A very large portion of Phoenix and Scottsdale Exterminators use truck mounted power sprayers to hose down very large areas of properties. Some go as far as spraying entire properties with pesticides! This method is often called “Spray-N-Pray” because of its very unreliable results. There’s good news and bad news about this method. The good news is they have to water down their mix to do this. The bad news is they have to water down their mix to do this. At any rate this method usually leaves the majority of the product out in the sun to disintegrate from sun and rain very quickly.

Spray-N-Pray is used by many companies because it is a very simple method to teach and requires little training, you just walk around spraying everything. But it lacks effectiveness because it doesn’t get the product where the bugs live. it also leaves chemicals spread all over your property for pets and people to walk through.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, many other Phoenix and Scottsdale Exterminators are acting as your “Spray Guy.” They come out and look really cool hosing down your property with pesticides, but often don’t accomplish much. Good Exterminators will take the time to assess the situation and come up with a game plan for future services. If you have a unique issue, we will take the time to do some detective work and come up with the best, most responsible way to move forward.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me or Bill anytime. Just call the office at (602)476-1088 and ask for Jeffrey or Bill!

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Bill Stewart – Our fearless Leader, Owner of NaturZone


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