Bed Bugs

Much More Than Just a Bed Bug Service!

Our preferred method allows for less preparation, lower cost and a longer warranty. We do not just perform an extermination, but instead it is a complete service.  We establish a strategy that allows for the quickest, most comfortable and longest lasting effect available.  Our service includes evaluating furniture issues and, if possible, creating a bed isolation effect that allows for a peaceful nights sleep.  We have tremendous empathy for our customers and will spend the time and provide the follow-ups (in person or on the phone) to make sure you feel well taken care of.

Just One Treatment

With a reasonably small amount of preparation only one treatment is needed. The reason for only one treatment is we use products that are both completely effective and long lasting. Where left undisturbed, the treatment may last for up to a year or more.

Reasonably Low Pricing

Due to the simple methodology of this approach and its logical success we have found that we can keep our pricing lower than many companies and offer superior value to our customers.

A True Long Warranty

The last thing you should have to do is pay for bed bug treatments on a regular basis. Our strategy allows us to offer the best warranty available especially considering what we charge for our services.  And it comes with a “your happy or your money back” guarantee!