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Unique Pest Issues

There are Common Pests, and Unique pests…

The Unique Pests Can Be Your Worst Experience..and Cost!

Termites are ALWAYS a Threat!

There is probably not a home in the USA that has not had termites tunnel under or fly onto it.  Because of their nature they are always looking for sources of food that comprise much of our own surroundings, including wood structures but also drywall and even paper stored inside our homes. Prevention is a large part of keeping subterranean termites out of our lives.

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Rodents are Increasing in numbers around us!

Used to be that only people living near desert hillsides had problems with rodents trying to invade their space.  Now with the roof rat import we now have a rodent that is better adapted to live near us, get into our structure, eat our gardens and even our car and home ac wiring!  A pro-active approach to this menace might be worth considering.  If they are already established, we can help!

Bed Bugs have become a too common problem!

Used to be nobody knew what a bed bug looked like, or if it was even a real insect.  But no more!  They have become so common they are found even in restaurants, doctors offices and, um, friends and relatives homes.  No bueno!  But there is a way to both prevent, and also eliminate them.  And its easier than you might think!

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