Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment Overview – No Preparation! Scottsdale Area Pest Control

Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment is a never-ending task for pest control companies.

One of the main concerns folks have is how much preparation will they need to do for their Phoenix Bed Bug treatment and do we do A, B, or C treatments the way X, Y, or Z company does?

In this article I will give you an overview of how we go about treating a Bedroom for Bed Bugs as well as an explanation of how and why we are able to do a thorough treatment, with an unmatched guarantee, with little to no preparation by the homeowner.

You’ll be able to take control of the situation and exile the little blood suckers from your home!

Our strategy based approach is broken down into these 5 steps:

  • Inspection
  • Localized heat treatment
  • Bed isolation and management
  • Treatment and encasement of your bed
  • Appropriate pesticide treatment of your room and home

Notice none of these steps are “Remove everything from your home and bake it in the sun for 12 hours.” or “Nuke the home with the most obnoxious chemicals known to man.” or some of the other crazy treatments out there.

The strategy based approach allows for ease of treatment as well as a much more conservative use of pesticides.

Here’s our owner and Bed Bug Master Bill Stewart giving you a quick look at the approach.


Lets explore each step a bit.


The inspection is very important to any good pest treatment, especially an effective Phoenix Bed Bug treatment. The inspection allows you to know where your heaviest areas of infestation are. It lets you target the areas that need the most treatment and attention.

What do we look for during an inspection? Of course we look for the critters themselves, but we also look for the tiny pearly white eggs as well as the stains from Bed Bug excrement. These stains are basically blood stains since the entire diet of the bed bug is human blood.

Localized Heat Treatment

Far from the expense and preparation required of whole house heat treatments, a localized heat treatment targets the areas where the Bed Bugs live, usually bed frames. Heat treating instantly kills not only the bed bugs themselves, but also their eggs. Localized heat treating is usually done with a handheld heat gun.

Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment

The heat gun is a very effective way of treating bed frames, even hard to reach spots.

Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment, Scottsdale Bed Bug Treatment

A bed bug on part of a bed frame that was killed instantly by heat gun treatment.


Bed Isolation and Management

Here you isolate your bed from the rest of the room. Isolating the bed is one of the most important parts of getting control of your bed bug nightmare. The effect is twofold. It prevents the re-infestation of the bed and forces the bed bugs to wander the room looking for a meal, all the while getting the pesticides on them and killing them.

Your bed is isolated by pulling it away from the wall, placing the posts in “interceptors” that Bed Bugs can”t crawl over, and making sure that no linens are touching the floor. This effectively kills the bugs already on the bed and protects your from new ones, which prevents them from multiplying.

Treatment and Encasement of Your Bed

The box springs are usually the biggest target for treatment and encasement, though the mattress is usually treated and encased as well. The folds of fabric on the bottom of the box springs often have bedbugs, eggs and excrement in them. The box springs are treated with a special Bed Bug pesticide and then closed up inside a nylon encasement to kill the bed bugs already on them and to prevent re-infestation.

The mattress is also lightly treated and encased the same way. This prevents the bugs from continuing to make a meal of you and eliminates their potential for multiplying.

Appropriate Pesticide Treatment of Your Room and Home

After all these steps are done the final part of the treatment is to spray a pet and people friendly pesticide in the room and around other areas of the home which have been or could potentially be infested. This treatment is seals the deal.

When bed bugs are isolated from their food source, YOU, they don’t just sit still. They wander the house stupidly and aimlessly searching for food. This is actually a good thing since the more they move around, the more of the pesticide they get on themselves and the faster they die!

This is just a brief overview of an effective Phoenix Bed Bug treatment and I will go into more depth in future posts.

If you’re having a problem with Bed Bugs…or any other pest…or simply a question…call NaturZone Pest Control at 602-476-1088 and ask for me, Jeffrey West.  I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime.

Till then, thanks for reading!

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free,


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