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In Phoenix German Cockroach extermination is tough work!

Here in the Valley,  Phoenix German Cockroach extermination is a constant battle for some homeowners. Not only is it disgusting and disturbing to live with a cockroach infestation, it presents real health risks as well! Roaches can spread bacteria that cause food born illnesses like Salmonella. They can also cause allergies in some folks.

What is a German Roach and why is it a special problem?

German Cockroaches are the little guys that infest kitchens by the hundreds or thousands. There are two main ways to identify German Cockroaches.

  • Their Relatively Small Size
  • The Two Lateral Dark Stripes Running Down Their Backs
german cockroach extermination

Near full size german roach

The reason they present such a problem is because they are a colonizing insect, which means they work together to protect each other. They also are resistant to many pesticides and can detect repellent pesticides. Use of the wrong kind of pesticides can often make the infestation worse in the long run, causing them to move to new parts of your home.

Countless times I have seen the results of people using repellent pesticides, usually foggers, to try to control a German roach infestation, only to end up calling me in horror after the colony bounces back with a fury in more rooms and bigger numbers!

How bad can the infestation get?

German Cockroaches can multiply very quickly! How quickly? A female will usually lay at least 4 egg capsules in her lifetime, some will lay as many as 8! Each egg capsule will produce at least 30 baby roaches within less than a month! And within 1-3 months thos babies, or nymphs as they are gcalled by us bug geeks, are adults ready to make their own hundreds of babies.This can get out of hand VERY fast!

I have personally seen infestations of German roaches where literally every crack or crevice in the home was full of roaches and couldnt house another! The smell of that level of infestation is also quite off-putting.

To see how a moderately bad German Cockroach infestation looks watch this quick video of an apartment left untreated until the tenants moved out.



What can be done to stop the infestation from getting worse?

Their are lots of ways to control, or attempt to control a German Roach infestation. Some of the methods involve strong chemicals being sprayed in the affected areas or foam chemicals being injected into cracks, crevices and wall voids. While these methods can be effective, and are even used by us in a few circumstances, it is usually best to try to get the bugs to eat the pesticides.

Baits come in a few different forms. Gel baits are the most common type used. Gel baits can be very effective if applied properly and not rendered useless by the use of repellent sprays. in the same area.

The big downside to gel baits is that they are often an unsightly, gooey mess that becomes hard as a rock and useless as bait after some time.

Bait stations can also be somewhat effective too. The issue with bait stations is that they can’t be placed in all the cracks and crevices that roaches like to be in. The other issue is that the most appetizing things to roaches are tiny particles of food rather than the big lumps inside a bait station.

We have found the most effective method for long term control of German Roaches is a dry powdered bait. it stays edible indefinitely, provides the appetizing tiny particles of food that roaches like, can be cleaned away very easily after control has been achieved, and can be applied in a short time without dismantling a kitchen!

This last point is a huge one for most folks! many people when preparing for a roach treatment of their home are told to remove everything from all cabinets. Then their kitchen is filled with chemicals, to which they return their dishes and food.

German Roach Specialist Bill Stewart says: “Dry dust bait can usually be applied in areas without moving these items and with little to no preparation by the homeowner. And the best part is that the active ingredient is a natural substance! “

Actually the best part is that we have found our method to be so effective that we are able to give a full year long warranty on our Phoenix German Cockroach Extermination services! It really is that good!

If you’re having a problem with German Roaches…or any other pest…or simply a question…call NaturZone Pest Control at 602-476-1088 and ask for me, Jeffrey West.  I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime.

Till then, thanks again for reading!

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free,


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