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Scorpion control is a serious concern for many homeowners here in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and other areas around Maricopa County.  We at Naturzone Pest Control usually recommend that scorpion elimination is a combination of the thorough, creative pesticide treatments along with some environmental factors.

In this series I (Jeffrey West) plan to give you several pointers on what you can do, in addition to having Naturzone Pest Control perform regular service, so that you can feel safer in your home.

Part one: Eliminate Harborage Areas

Scorpions, like most other pests, like shaded, cool areas where they not only can get away from the sun and weather but also can hunt for their prey. Some of these areas include, but aren’t limited to: Wood piles, wood mulch, any debris pile, stacks of pavers or bricks, ground covering plants, cracks and crevices, and the worst culprit, block fence columns.

Lets start with wood. I like to tell folks that they don’t call them Bark Scorpions because they sound like a dog. These critters love to be in, under, on and around wood. Wood piles without a purpose should be removed completely when possible. Firewood piles should be elevated off of the ground at least a foot so that the area around or under can be treated. Firewood piles should also be as far away from the house as possible and at least a foot or two away from a block fence, shed or other structure.

Stacks of bricks or pavers have been one of the biggest hotspots for scorpions that I’ve found in my ten years in the industry. Use or remove them if possible. That is the most effect way of dealing with them. If that’s not doable then find a way to elevate the stack and store it away from structures so that the area around it can be treated.

Next time we’ll discuss ground cover and other landscaping issues as well as block fences.

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