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In Scottsdale, Az., scorpion control is a never-ending issue with pest control companies. Here at NaturZone Pest Control, we get calls daily from frantic homeowners who have found scorpions in or around their homes.

What can I do other than hire a pest control company to get rid of scorpions?

In this series I plan to give you several pointers on what you, the homeowner, can do, keep scorpions out of and away from your home.


  • How and what your yard is landscaped with can have a huge impact on the scorpion population on your property. It also determines the effectiveness of your pest control treatment.
  • Some major scorpion hot spots in common landscaping can be:
  • Underneath creeping ground cover plants,
  • Underneath and behind plants that grow against structures like your home, shed or block fence
  • Inside block fence columns that are covered or shaded by plants, especially vines.

Also…plants against your house. This is a big one! When landscaping or re-landscaping your property try to put plants far enough away that when they are fully grown they’re at least a foot or two away from the foundation of your home or other structures. If you already have plants that are growing up against your home or other structures, try to trim them away from the house as far as possible so that treatment can be done behind the plant and specifically against the foundation.

The Foundation 

The foundation of your home is one of the main treatment targets for scorpion control. If plants are growing up against it the problem is twofold.

First, you can’t treat that part of your foundation properly which creates a hole in your defenses against scorpions.

Second, it usually provides a cool moist hiding place for scorpions and other pests to spend the day, and it’s right next to your house!

Plants growing up against other structures are an issue too. They provide an hiding place for scorpions that may not be fully treatable. Also, most folks are hoping for at least some degree of control in their sheds and other structures.

Scorpion expert Bill Stewart says, “Creeping ground cover plants are one of the first things I look for when I get to a new customer’s home. The issue with them is that they’re usually pretty large, and that means a big chunk of your property could be harboring scorpions.

These plants usually have a lot of dead and decaying plant matter under them which holds moisture, making them inviting for all kinds of pests, and the dudes that like to eat those pests! I always recommend, if you really want these plants, to keep them a lot smaller than they are in most yards and to periodically lift them up and rake out the decaying debris.”

Next time I’ll cover block fences, the big bad boogey man of scorpion harborage areas!

If you’re having a problem with scorpions…or any other pest…or simply a question…call NaturZone Pest Control at 602-476-1088 and ask for me, Jeffrey West.  I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime.

Till then, thanks for reading!

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free,


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