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In the Phoenix / Scottsdale area pest control companies are always asked about Natural Pest Control. What is natural pest control? How is it done? What products do you use? Does natural pest control really work? In this article you will get the basics of a natural pest control treatment from a results driven point of view.


Natural pest control is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit by pest control companies. For some it is just a phrase that sells a service and has no part of their real service. For others it is a way of life, no matter if it works or not. At NaturZone Pest Control we tend to take a middle road between these two. We use as many products with natural ingredients as we can, but we also use some synthetic products but with a more responsible strategy in applying them.



Pesticides are anything that is used to kill or control a pest or pests. In my daily route I usually use from eight to ten different pesticides on a regular basis. each home may only get two or three of these, but I have a wide variety of these tools at my disposal. The main types I use in a regular Bi-Monthly service fall into three different categories.

  • Baits
  • Liquid Sprays
  • Aerosols

Baits are the back bone of NaturZone’s pest treatment strategy. This is a huge part of what sets us apart from the others. We bait first.

The big advantages to using baits are several. First it is easier to control where most baits go. If I use a gel or dust bait inside a home, I know right where to check to see if it’s been eaten by the bugs. I also can put them right where we know the ants, or roaches, or crickets are outside.

Second, getting a bug to eat bait is a very fast and efficient way to kill the pest. Residual sprays rely on the pesticide killing the bug from the outside in in most cases, sometimes taking quite a while. But if the bug eats the product it can move things along very fast.

Third, the active ingredients in most baits we use are naturally derived and have very little toxicity to mammals!

Liquid sprays are the standard for the industry. It’s gotten to the point that when a customer orders a pest treatment they usually ask for a “Spray” because this is what they see everyone else doing. While this is a common part of our strategy, it is definitely not the only part and is not enough by itself.

Most of the liquid sprays that we use are not considered “Natural”but are quite low in toxicity. How we apply them is the big difference! While you may be used to seeing a truck with a 300 foot long hose spraying a huge 6 – 10 foot band around your neighbor’s property, what you don’t know is that when that type of equipment is used the product is required to be sprayed at an almost uselessly low rate. So what you get is a property covered in very weak pesticide.

On the other hand, we use hand equipment, like backpacks, to spray ours. This allows us to spray at the most effective rate for each type of pest. But we don’t spray it all over the yard where you and your pets walk. We spray it in more out of the way places, places where the bugs like to be, like against the foundation of the home or business, or in cracks and crevices. This puts an effective amount of product where the bugs live and where You don’t!

Aerosols with natural plant based active ingredients are something that we use to flush out hard to reach critters. We usually use these in cracks and crevices for things like Black Widows, Scorpions, and Crickets. These kill the bugs very quickly but are not designed to last as long as the liquid sprays or baits do. Aerosols are a very effective tool in cleaning out active infestations of a multitude of different pests.

That covers the basics of Pesticides. Next time I’ll teach you all about the non-pesticide things that we do to help control pest populations! I’ll also go over some of the education that we give our customers in order to have a team effort in the strategy. Also watch for my article on Interior treatments and when and why you may or may not need an inside treatment.

If you’re having a problem with any of these pests…or you simply have a question…call NaturZone Pest Control at 602-476-1088 and ask for me, Jeffrey.  I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime.

Till then, thanks for reading!

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free,


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