Cockroach Infestation Control in the Phoenix Area

Cockroach infestation control is a very common issue affecting most homes here is the Phoenix area.  There are many types of cockroaches found here, and believe it or not, non of them are actually native to the area.  We will briefly discuss what critters we most commonly come across while working here as exterminators in both residential and commercial settings.  For a more comprehensive discussion on particular roaches we will be adding more pages in the future.

The American Sewer Roach.

This would likely deserve a spot on the list of most gross insects that our customers will find.  That is because they are a combination of fast, large and, well, quite juicy!  They are considered to be originally from Africa and actually cannot live long without a regular water source, and are considered an insect that prefers to live underground.  While this is often the case, we have found them living well even in trees and have to search out nests of them in trees while doing an inspection.  One fortunate aspect of these is that they do not adapt well to a regular inside home environment and thus when they do intrude they are usually found dead or dying upside down even in a home without pesticides!

The Turkistan Cockroach.

Turkistan roaches seem to come in two very distinct colors and shapes.  The male adults tend to be kind of narrow and light tan colored.  They have wings and run very fast.  The female by comparison is a bit more oblong or wider in appearance, has no visible wings and is nearly black in color.  They really do look like two different types of cockroaches.  Also these do not seem to adapt well to the inside of a home also as we almost never find them inside and never in numbers.

The German Cockroach.

There german roach is a small roach, usually reaching little more than half an inch in length. Their bodies are somewhat narrow and their coloring is from light brown to very dark brown, and their bodies seem to have two dark strips going down their backside. They multiply quickly and can not only reach huge numbers inside a home within a year, but if they go uncontrolled they will stain up the areas they stay around (they wipe their feces around where they hand out) and in large enough numbers they can make the house almost smell like vomit (as one landlord referred to it).

The german roach is an insect that is quite rare to find infesting single family homes.  This is because they do not adapt to living outside so there is no risk of an outdoor infestation getting inside.  Instead they are “shared” from either an attached neighbor or brought in from another infested location.

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