5 Scorpion Hideouts Around Your Home! Phoenix / Scottsdale Scorpion Control

In Phoenix and Scottsdale pest control companies get calls for scorpion control on a daily basis!

Frantic homeowners with scorpions in their homes want real answers to their problems and they’re looking for the knowledge to do as much as they can to help control the situation.

Effective scorpion control relies on starting with an inspection to locate the hot spots of activity and breeding on your property. One of the most helpful things to know when hunting down these hot spots is what these critters like when selecting a hiding spot. Here are several conditions to look for:

  • Areas that get moist and retain moisture
  • Protection from predators (Humans)
  • Food sources like spiders and insects
  • Protection from sun and weather
  • Anywhere they can be upside down

I’m going to give you my top 5 hiding places that provide all or most of these conditions. All of these are spots that I notice and inspect whenever I start a new customer with scorpion issues:

  • Block fence columns
  • Brick stacks and piles
  • Under large rocks
  • Cracks and Crevices
  • Wood and debris piles

Block Fence Columns

As far as bark scorpion control goes this is ground zero! Even though there are definitely more desirable places for these dudes to live, this is a hiding place for them that is found on almost every property. Block fences provide a tight protected space to live in, they provide shade and protection from the weather, they have other bugs in there to eat, and they have LOTS of places that they can be upside down.

Speaking of being upside down, Arizona Bark Scorpions, which are by far the major problem scorpion in the Southwest, practice what is called Negative Geotaxis.  This is basically geek speak for “they like to be upside down.” Negative Geotaxis explains why we find them on the bottom of all sorts of things.

Brick Stacks or Piles 

More often than you might think I find neat stacks or bricks or pavers in people’s yards left over for a project.  Sometimes I find not so neat stacks or piles to. Both of these present a problem as they provide many of the above conditions that these nasty pests like.

The neat stacks provide protection from the sun, tight protected hiding places, and they tend to hold moisture well. While the not do neat stacks or piles of bricks provide some of this but hey give a lot of places for the scorpions to be upside down.

Under Large Rocks


This may seem like an obvious one, but I still have folks in heavily infested scorpion areas that will landscape there yards with lots of large rocks. It goes without saying that other bugs are going to be hiding under these rocks which provides food. Also, there’s usually enough space under a rock for a scorpion to sit on the underside of the rock to enjoy the upside down life. It’s also always going to be cooler and more moist under there too.

Cracks and Crevices

The cracks and crevices in or between concrete slabs are another huge spot for scorpions to hang out. They give lots of protection from humans and other predators while also some protection from the elements and of course their best food sources like to chill down there too.

These are easy to treat though. I like to flush them out with a liquid insecticide which not only threatens the lives of the scorpions directly but also kills and taints their food and makes the hiding spot unlivable.

Wood Piles and Debris Piles

Wood piles, debris piles or piles of trimmings from yard work or tree trimming pose a big hurdle for scorpion control around a home.

You know that I can’t write about scorpions without reminding you that they don’t call them bark scorpions because they sound like a dog! Bark scorpions are named that because they like to climb, and are often found in under and around tree bark. Specifically they like Mesquites, Cottonwoods, Sycamores and other trees that are found in riparian and creek bed habitats in the Sonoran Desert.

If you have stacks of wood on your property you are inviting scorpions to chill out near your home. At best the wood piles should be removed when possible. At a minimum they should be lifted off of the ground so that treatment can be done under and around them. And they should absolutely never be stored against the home itself.

Debris piles should be removed as fast as possible as well. The longer they are on your property the worse the problem can get. Decaying leaves and twigs attract all sorts of bugs for scorpions to eat, retain moisture very well, and provide a cool area for the thugs of the arthropod world to hide in!

If you’re having a problem with scorpions…or any pest…or you simply have a question about natural pest control…call NaturZone Pest Control at 602-476-1088 and ask for me, Jeffrey.  I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime.

Till then, thanks for reading!

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free,


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