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In Phoenix and Scottsdale Pest Control is serious business! Forgive me then if I fall into a bit of frivolity to celebrate everyone’s favorite Holiday, Presidents Day! Okay, maybe it’s everybody’s favorite 3-day weekend.

I was thinking about what it takes to be a good Exterminator earlier today when I realized that it was Presidents Day. Then the thought entered my mind that I wouldn’t trust a lot of these guys to do my Pest control, let alone run an entire country!


You’re thinking “This dude has lost his mind if he’s going to start talking politics on a pest control blog!”  And you’d be right ! So I won’t go into it and I promise to keep it even. As in I am an equal opportunity roaster. No president is safe from my criticisms of his pest control abilities…or lack thereof.

I do have one thing to say about politics before we get started though, and it is surprisingly related to Scottsdale pest control. Or anywhere pest control for that matter.

Do you know the origin of the word politics? It’s derived from two words. The first is the Latin prefix “Poli” which means “Many” and the other is “Tics” which are blood sucking pests! Mic drop. I’m here all week folks. (Okay, I stole that from Robin Williams. Sorry)

Richard Nixon: Not a Crook

I am not a crook.”  ~ Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon removed himself from office to prevent the humiliation of being removed from office by congress. Some say he wasn’t as bad as he was made out to be, and I’m always willing to entertain differing opinions, but for the purposes of this list, he was that bad.

In my opinion Honesty is an important part of being a pest control professional, or any kind of professional. How would folks want you in or around their homes if you aren’t a trustworthy person? So that’s why Richard Nixon would make a terrible exterminator. I may come to your house at night with a flashlight if needed, but you’ll always know in advance! And that’s a rock solid guarantee!

Andrew Johnson: Mr. Grumpy Pants

Scottsdale pest control

A face only a mother could love. Maybe.

A good exterminator needs to have some people skills. He needs to be willing to help customers solve problems. Andrew Johnson, the man who became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln probably would’ve had trouble with this aspect of Pest Control.

After he became President it is said that most of his political problems could be traced to his personality, or lack thereof. Not only did he have a terrible time getting along with the opposition party, he also had a lot of trouble with his party. This lead to his impeachment. Though he did somehow find a way to be elected to the US Senate after that.

Bill Clinton: Philanderer in Chief

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” ~ Bill Clinton

“Indeed I did have a relationship that was not appropriate.” ~ Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is on here for similar reasons as Richard Nixon, dishonesty. But his comes in the form of…naughtiness. No matter what your political affiliation, you have to admit that if Bill Clinton showed up at your door you’d keep a close eye on him around you wife or daughter.

This is the dude who has an intern in every office, yes, even the Oval Office. And when questioned about it, he’s the guy who doesn’t exactly know what the meaning of “Is” is. “Slick Willy” probably wouldn’t make the best exterminator because you would never be able to trust him.

George W. Bush: Bug Bomber

President George W. Bush. Photo by Eric Draper, White House.


“There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me………..you can’t get fooled again.” ~ George W. Bush

An exterminator has to be able to solve problems by investigating the situation and then implementing a solid plan. Some of the less skilled exterminators out there will try to solve a lot of pest problems with a “Bug Bomb” or fogger. Some will just go for the “Spray n’ Pray” or “Scorched Earth” approach, spraying every inch of a property with pesticide. These are not solutions.

Enter George W. Bush. Dub Ya never saw a bomb he didn’t like and he wasn’t known for being a particularly strong “Figure-Outer.” So as an exterminator he’d likely be the type to solve everything with a bug bomb.

William Henry Harrison: Dead Dude


Trust me, he was a President. William Henry Harrison inaugurated on March 4, 1841. That day it is believed he got a bad cold or pneumonia and 31 days later he passed away.. He literally did absolutely nothing as President of the United States.

Now some would say this makes him the greatest President in history, and they would be right! But this also would make him a terrible exterminator. A good Pest Professional needs to be consistent in serving his customers month after month. Even when he’s “Under the Weather” your tech should show up ready to do a great job killing bugs. Of course we can’t really blame Harrison for not showing up to work, with the dying and all.

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Till then, thanks for reading!

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free,


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