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Hiding spots for crickets are easy for Phoenix pest control and Scottsdale Pest Control pros to find, so where do you look?

Most Phoenix Pest Control and Scottsdale Pest Control exterminators know right where to find your crickets and exterminate them. So how do YOU find them? In  this article I’ll give you my favorite 5 spots to find and kill crickets outside the home so that they don’t ever get inside the home and bother you, depriving you of sleep and peace.

Why eliminate crickets?

Other than the obvious reason, that their chirping inside your home can drive the sanity from the most patient person, there are also another reason to get rid of these annoying little guys. They provide a major food source for more menacing pests like Black Widow spiders and Scorpions! In fact, in most scorpion control programs, Phoenix pest control and Scottsdale pest control exterminators make their first step eliminating the food sources of the scorpions of which crickets are usually the most plentiful. Kill the crickets and many times the scorpions will have no reason to be on your property.

What’s more, many times while treating for crickets I’ll end up killing scorpions too. So let’s look at five spots where your likely to find crickets on your property.

  • The Foundation of Your Home
  • Cracks and Crevices
  • Block Fence Voids
  • Water Boxes
  • Underneath Ground Covering Plants

The Foundation of Your Home

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Foundation’s should be treated up to the weep screed (that lip that sticks out) to eliminate this as a place for crickets to live and enter your home.

  1. Just a few inches up from the ground on your foundation is a metal lip called a “Weep Screed” that lets your walls breath. It also provides an excellent hiding spot for crickets and others to hide, but also to get into your home. These weep screeds have a gap behind them that is sometimes big enough to get fingers behind but usually just a couple millimeters wide. It also has holes every 2-3 feet called “weep holes’.

I always use a liquid pesticide and spray the entire foundation making sure to angle my spray upwards toward the weep screed and weep holes in order to get as much as possible into the cricket’s living quarters.

Cracks and Crevices

There are lots of different types of cracks and crevices around most properties. The major one is the crevice between your house slab and your patio slab oranywhere else where two slabs of concrete meet each other. This spotprovides protection from us humans as well as from the sun. It is also usually much cooler down there.

I usually flush these crevices with a liquid but sometimes if there is diffrent structure to it I may use an aroesol or a dust treatment.

Block Fence Voids

The empty spaces inside block fences are always a target for any good Phoenix pest control or Scottsdale pest control exterminator. They provide a cool place protected from the sun and humansand there is LOTS of space in there.

Pest Control Expert Bill Stewart says: “I like to dust block fence voids once or twice a year. We always watch for pest activity to change throughout the year and then decide the best time for the treatment at each property.”

In addition to that dust treatment I regularly flush the cracks and crevices of block fences while doing rutine services.

Water Boxes

Those plastic boxes that have your irrigation equipment inside them are often hot spots for cricket activity, and their predators. Not surprisingly, it’s rather moist and cool in them which is like an oasis for critters in the hot summers…and springs…and falls that we have here in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Usually I’ll hit these with  a quick hit of arosole which clears them out and kills them quick.

Underneath Ground Covering Plants

Some of the biggest areas in need of cricket treatment are under those pretty ground cover plants in your yard. These plants provide a cool, moist and protected area for all manner of critter and creepy crawly to live, love and laugh in. Try to keep these to a minimum suare footage as well as keeping the dead and decaying leaves and twigs cleared out fom under them. I often treat around or underneath these when possiblebut sometimes they are so big that adaquate cricket treatment is very dificult.

If you’re having a problem with crickets…or any other pest…or simply a question…call NaturZone Pest Control at 602-476-1088 and ask for me, Jeffrey.  I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime.

Till then, thanks for reading!

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free,


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