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Naturzone’s licensed technicians start by treating the entire exterior foundation of your home with a liquid barrier application using Termidor HE.  Next, a foam solution of Termidor is used to treat around the indoor plumbing areas (if needed and accessible) as these are common entry sights for termites. Last, the technician will check for any conditions conducive to termite activity, then educate the customer and help resolve these issues to aid in preventing re-infestation in the future.

Included with all of our termite full home treatments is a 5 year warranted at no extra charge. This means that if termites re-infest your home any time within 5 years of your termite service date, Naturzone will exterminate the new infestation for free!

Why Termidor HE?

Termidor HE Termite Treatment

Termidor HE Liquid Termite Barrier

Subterranean Termites are social insects that must return to the ground every 24 hours to prevent dehydration.  As they move back to the ground, they pass through the Termidor liquid barrier and carry it with them.  Termidor, unlike older generation termite products, has a non-repellant transfer effect.  This means that the termites do not know they are carrying Termidor on them and that they transfer it to other termites through grooming and incidental contact. For you, this means that the termite in and around you home will die, not just be repelled for a little while.

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