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Bed Bug Treatment Comparisons.

Years ago it was becoming obvious that a serious bed bug problem was spreading around the country and that this was a problem many pest control companies were not prepared or desirous to tackle. We began to get calls from people who had spent sometimes as much as 5000 to 10,000 dollars on treatments and cleanings and such, many having used more than one pest control firm, without satisfactory results. The enduring nature of this pest in such homes was destructive to those families. Because of the impact this pest has on the lives of people, many exotic methods, such as heat treatments and tent fumigation are sold as superior or necessary remedies. While these methods have some virtues they also have some drawbacks. Because of the high cost of those methods and lack of endurance, we chose to research and put into use methods that we felt would provide long lasting results and the best financial value. The 3 basic methods are discussed below.

Pesticide Method with Strategy.

Unfortunately there quite a few misconceptions out there regarding pesticides and bed bugs. The reality is that there are pesticides that are 100 percent effective on bed bugs and last long enough to gain complete control with a single treatment. When combined with an intelligent strategy this process is actually less disruptive to the home and highly protective of it. It even results in less pesticide exposure if such is a concern. Because our approach is so reliable and enduring we usually offer a 1 year warranty, and we feel that as this should be the last significant money you have to spend on this pest, that it represents the best value in the industry.

Heat Treatments.

The idea here is simple enough. It is based on the bed bug’s inability to endure high tempretures. The selling point to this is that this process does not require the use of any toxins, and that it is a quick elimination. While speed is an advantage yet there are some significant drawbacks. One is that the heat treatment alone does not leave the home protected, and if by chance so much as one female is redeposited back in the home it is able to completely re infest it (thus most companies doing heat treatments offer a paltry 1 month warranty). Furthermore the cost of the equipment to do these treatments has to be passed to the consumer, thus it is a relatively expensive treatment. Heat treatments also have a minor failure rate, are quite invasive and can damage furniture and other household goods.

Tent Fumigation.

The method of doing a home tent fumigation has similar drawbacks to heat, in that it alone does not leave the home protected and is very costly. Unlike heat, fumigation is unlikely to have any failure as this process would even kill any plants inside the tent and any termites living in the walls. Again the guarantee is usually a short one.

The Choice.

Yes there are many choices. You can wait and let it get worse and possibly spread them to family, friends and co-workers. You can try to do it yourself, spending good money on what are likely products that bed bugs have developed resistance to, and without a knowledgeable strategy in place the infestation will persist and mess with your lifestyle (when they do not go away your money and time has been wasted). You can chose one of the exotic methods mentioned above, spend 2-3 times as much money with a far shorter warranty. Or chose us and I believe get the best value in whole house bed bug elimination.