Preparation Page

Welcome to our Preparation Page. For those of you that have done some research on this it is understood that most all companies providing bed bug services require often arduous and time consuming preparation prior to the service, and often with those companies that require multiple visits, that the prep has to also be done each time. Often we hear of the prep taking days or weeks to do, and the real fact is that you really don’t learn anything from this so that the preparation is nothing but a task to perform to make the service go easy for the technician.

Our preparation is based on the environment, and the main part listed in the first part is for the typical home where the beds are on manageable frames.

It is critical that all rooms be prepared for this by following the recommendations listed below. If rooms are not prepared or are too cluttered to allow easy access to infested furniture it will either inhibit effectiveness or delay the treatment altogether.


BEDROOMS AND LIVING ROOMS:Remove all bed linens, pillows, and any clothing or drapes that are on, under or touching beds, couches, recliners and other places of rest. These need to be contained in quality air tight bags and washed/dried before returning to the treated room. You may also bag and wash clothing in the dressers or closets if needed, however this is rarely needed and explained below in condition 1. Most likely all linens can be returned to the room (dressers or closets) following the treatment and based on technician observation.
Mattress and box spring management (encasements) will be arranged based on initial technician interview. Bed frames will also be discussed. Wood bed frames may need to be taken apart before or during service.
Remove any objects under the beds and under/behind couches. These items should be set aside for inspection and possible control.
De-clutter and clear up floor spaces and clean (vacuum or mop) before the treatment if possible.

De-clutter all floor areas and vacuum or clean prior to service time. Any items that were on, under, behind or touching couches or lounges should be moved to another area (such as kitchen or dining area) and decision on these can be discussed with the technician.
If there is a desk/office area be sure to remove items from the floor that are not furniture (such as books, file organizers, etc) so that those areas can be treated.
Dogs, cats and other animals free in the home need to be kept out of rooms to be treated but may be returned once treatment is done. They can be moved from the last room to be treated to the first on treated if needed.
Aquariums need to be shut off and covered with a wet towel while the room is treated.
Dining room tables and chairs need to be ready to be turned over, inspected and treated.

Most rooms can be used following treatment unless technician recommends otherwise. Make sure to avoid using furniture until treatment is fully dry.
Use strategies given by tech and covered in the strategy page to assist in fully clearing up the home and proactively keeping the home bed bug free.
Check your bedding daily for bed bug defecation stains (its better to have light colored linen on the bed to help in early detection). Check under box springs regularly (weekly is not bad).
Please keep in mind that the average home takes time to become bed bug free. Bed bugs feed about each 3-7 days thus can show up unaffected by the treatment for a few weeks. Also they can get trapped (in such places as outlets and kickboards) and can emerge weeks or even a month or more later. Using the strategies will help destroy those also.
Any questions please feel free to call us, we are here to help at 602-476-1088
Note 1: Regarding washing linens in the dressers or closet. Since using a strategy allows for the bugs in a room to work for you we can eliminate much of the prep regarding these areas. Please consider that after the bug takes your blood (like a mosquito does) it is just trying to hide from light and movement. Thus from where you sleep it is likely in the closest available area such as under the bed. If the bed is on a manageable frame, any bugs that ended up in the closet will try to return for more blood on a regular frequency. Eliminating the easy access this bug has to you will keep it active, causing it to roam over the areas treated with pesticide over and over again, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the pesticide treatment. The resulting benefit is incredibly useful as this does two things. One is that is keeps the bug moving and picking up more pesticide resulting in killing them off faster. Two is that by keeping the bug from feeding it cannot return to a hiding spot to become inactive and lay eggs, thus prolonging the infestation longer than desired.

I should note that you can wash as much linen in the house if you want. We just do not require it as it does not change how the house clears up nor does it change your warranty!