Pest Control Phoenix, Scorpion Control Scottsdale

Pest Control Phoenix

Pest Control is necessary in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Our Phoenix climate provides an excellent environment for a wide variety of annoying pests. That’s why our Home Pest Control plans are our most popular services.

A lot of people don’t have a problem with serious, potentially-destructive pests like termites. What they have is a problem with a lot of bugs and pests that are mainly just annoying, such as ants that make outdoor activities miserable, roaches and crickets that make your home theirs, black widows that will populate patio furniture, and stinging insects including scorpions.

Fortunately, most of these pest problems can be prevented or significantly reduced, often without even setting foot in your home. All of our residential pest control programs include exterior treatments that are designed to prevent pest problems outside your home, before they become problems inside your home.

Why Choose Naturzone Pest Control?

At Naturzone Pest Control, we know that consumers have a choice. There are a lot of exterminating companies out there. So when making your pest control decisions, we ask that you consider what we have to offer:

  • We use the most advanced methods and highest quality products chosen for safety and effectiveness.
  • A pet and family friendly approach that respects both the natural environment and your family safety.
  • We are a locally-owned and operated company with experience in local pest issues.
  • We employ only fully-trained, highly-experienced uniformed technicians.
  • We are fully-licensed and insured for all of the work we do.

So if you are having a pest problem, please contact us. We will be happy to assess your situation and provide you with one or more economical, cost-effective pest control solutions. Naturzone Pest Control serves the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

Selection of Services:

  • Monthly rates generally average 45.00 per month for an average sized residence.
  • Bi-Monthly rates typically average 69.00 (our most popular service).
  • Quarterly Rates average around 85.00.

Service Standards:

For an average visit we have a minimum service standard that encompass many steps designed to address the likelihood of infestations and pest nuisances.  These are typical steps our technicians take on an average home, but as every home is different these will vary with the service needs and expectations of each customer.

  1. Initial inspection.  Making sure the property is treatable, pets toys and dishes are put away and so on to allow for the best service possible.
  2. While the technician has many products available to use, many of our customers are looking for more natural pest control service standards. Thus they tend to chose the safest and most natural products as their first option.
  3. Property baiting.  The baiting is done first, which is not common in the industry. We do it first because it often draws out ant infestations that might normally stay hidden to the technician.
  4. Perimeter targeted spray treatment.  This is done both to eliminate any active infestation of common pests (roaches, crickets, spiders, earwigs) but also to provide a long term protective barrier.  Targeting means keeping the treatment focused on specific locations that allow us to minimize pesticide exposure, provide better long term effect as well as allow for maximum product rate usage (most companies power spraying greatly dilute the product, and broadcasting it means most gets wasted when exposed to the elements).
  5. Spider flushing and Web removal. This is done using a natural flushing product which allows us to destroy bugs such as black widows inside kids outdoor toys and patio furniture without leaving a toxic residue.
  6. Re-inspection which is done to look for any signs of infestation.  One reason is the ant bait, used first, may have drawn out a hidden infestation we may want to treat directly.
  7. Service of other needed items on the property. This might include rodent bait stations but also any other issues needed and agreed to with our customer.
  8. Technician fills out service invoice online which is emailed to you.  He also leaves a door tag (unless instructed not to).

Our Employees.

Those that work for us become part of our Naturzone family, and we endeavor to treat our customers as family also.  To this end our employees are licensed, background checked, and in-house trained to try to exceed your expectations.  We work to keep good people so as to prevent turn over thus you usually will have the same person as a technician.