German Roach Infestation

A German Roach infestation is one of the most discusting you can get inside a home.  So here are a few facts about them and what we can do for you.


German Roaches are only found inside structures.  

And mostly in apartments, kitchens (such as restaurants) and homes.  They are virtually never found outside.  In the many years we have done pest control we have never had to treat for these roaches outdoors.  However, they almost seem to be bred to live inside with us!  For some reason they easily find the water sources inside a home (they can eat almost anything, but water is critical to their survival).  Once they discover a consistent water source they will populate primarily around that area and live well inside everything close by, including the cabinets, dishwasher, stove, cookbooks and so on.

How Fast Do German Roaches Multiply!

The answer to that is too darn fast. From ensemination it takes about a month to birth, and about 40 insects in a hatchout.   Then as little as about 40 days to maturity. Thus within a pretty short period of time they can really explode in numbers (good example of exponential math :(.  So when not controlled they seem to be able to really take over your space.

Are they hard to get rid of?

Oh yes.  First they live too close to everything you eat or eat from (not a good location for a lot of poison) and don’t respond well to common pesticides.  Most people try fogging which kills numbers but most are usually deep in hiding and protected from that, and they reproduce fast enough to make the results quite short lived. Also even most regular pest control technicians do not specialize in this bug and do not have a well developed method for reliably getting rid of them.

We Will Get Rid of Them and We have an AWESOME Guarantee!

We have a great, well developed and utterly reliable method to completely eliminate a German Roach infestation. Consider these:

  • Yecch roach poop, and the smell is awful too!

    German Roach Defecation Stains behind Fridge!

    No need to prep..much!  Just some access to all the infested areas, and that those areas be clean and dry.

  • You can stay!  Its almost non toxic so please stick around to talk and watch.
  • No permanent mess!  Other companies use gel baits, which dry out to become a permanent unsightly mess.
  • Just one treatment. Really, there is no need to do follow ups,  the bait lasts long enough to kill em all!
  • Long, Long, Long…LONG Warranty!  Our standard warranty on homes is 1 year!

To Get Started and Get Rid of your German Roach Infestation Call Us Now at 607-476-1088 (or TEXT 602-330-3333) to Get Us Out and GET THEM OUT!