DIY Bed Bug Program Overview.

An Extremely Simple, Completely Effective Do it yourself Bed Bug Control Guide.

We offer this Do It Yourself Bed Bug Extermintion guide to help those who either cannot afford it or want a simple, single process to follow that works on practically every bed bug problem.  While it is generally better to hire an expert that has experience, yet there are so many that chose to do it themselves and too often spend too much time and money on a myriad of methods (often done simultaneously) that end up not being successful, that we feel compelled to offer this process that does work completely!

Foundational information needed to be successful at this simple process.

The following are simple truths (memorize these) that will help you be both confident and ultimately successful in getting rid of your bed bugs. If you engage these simple truths you can completely defeat these evil bugs.

  • There are pesticides that work well for this and are designed to be used indoors!  The one we prefer is Temprid SC manufactured by Bayer Industrial.  It is a dual component product that is very mild, completely effective and lasts long enough to completely clear up a bed bug problem with a single treatment. Other similar products include Transport (XX) and perhaps a combination of Suspend and Phantom SC might be as effective, but we have had great results with Temprid.
  • Bed Bugs are simple creatures.  They are essentially blind.  If one is looking at you it does not actually see “you” but it sees a shadow and could not tell the difference between you and a doorway!
  • They are nocturnal.  Um, this means they don’t feel safe in lotsa light. And when you combine this with their lack of hunger pains, and lack of a brain, you can use this weakness agains them!
  • They can smell you from afar (the carbon dioxide you exhale) but that only tells them there is a food source to look for.  It does not tell them direction!
  • The find you by the heat you put off, but they can only detect that from around 5-10 feet away. Past that they could “miss” you and go the wrong way.
  • Once one is hungry, has detected your presence and has left its hiding spot to find you, it cannot change its mind (what mind!) or adapt to a bad situation for it (its a dumb bug after all!) and if it cannot find you it will just…keep….crawling…and that can be a really good thing… for you!

If you want to kill all the bed bugs in your home, you can vacuum, steam, wash (all the linens), throw out almost everything you own, and maybe even burn the house down (ouch) but thats lots of work, and very expensive (and dangerous!).  There is a very simple way and can be summed up in two simple steps that when followed work…every single time!

Bed Bug Elimination Strategy Steps.

  1. Treat the house thoroughly enough to give this bug something bad to walk over and pick up (eh, that would be the Temprid SC).
  2. Stop feeding them anymore.
Yes thats it!  Really nothing more to it!


Okay so its a bit more work than that. Yet also a whole lot less work that washing, shampooing, steaming, vacuuming, yada yada yada…  Consider that the purpose of a good residual pesticide is to be able to be picked up by a bug walking over it and be picked up leading to the bugs injection of this minute toxin and subsequently killing it.  So how do you get this bug to do this.  How do you get this blind, dumb little insect that wanders fast to crawl over enough treated areas to pick up enough pesticide to just die?  The answer is to just keep it moving.  If it keeps moving guess what it keeps wandering over? Treated areas!  Good for you, bad for the bug.

So for those who are always reading yet never end up with a completely cohesive strategy, these pages that follow will completely get rid of your bed bugs!