DIY Bed Bug Control Bedroom

Bedroom Bed Bug Steps.

Since taking yourself away as a food source is what makes this work so well, and you need to sleep regularly, we make controlling the bed the primary part of this strategy.  Consider that in most homes there is an infested bed that is a typical set up of a mattress on a box spring on a frame.  If this is true then most (maybe more than 90%)of the bed bug population is on the bed and frame and thus encasing the mattress and box spring and destroying all the bugs on the frame, combined with placing bug interceptors under the legs of the bed, will result in total control of the bed you sleep on and leave few bugs left in the room.  So we call this….

Turn the bed into an island!

A bug free island. One you can sleep on bite free!  Now the remaining bugs in the room cannot get to you (too bad they cannot fly, jump or figure this out yea). If you don’t compromise the bed (nothing touching the floor, etc) then you’d almost swear that they are gone.  Sleep well!

So what happens to those that were not on the bed?  Well if you properly treat the room following the label directions a little magic occurs.  As it turns out this bug will need to feed about every 3-7 days, and thus if it wandered away from you to wherever, and is not trapped (like if you place something over it) then it will reliably try to come back for more.  And this is a good thing.  Because if you have isolated the bed from the floor a little magic occurs. You see this bug won’t figure this out.  It will only do what is written into its DNA and will crawl until it finds you.  But it won’t find you and it will crawl, and crawl and so on and guess what it will keep crawling over?  Treated areas (such as baseboards).  The effect this has is to greatly multiply the effect of an already effective pesticide. And this will reliably kill them off, and actually both reliably and quite fast.

One of the nice things about this is that it takes much less preparation. After all what is important is to prepare the bed. What is in the closet, dresser and so on can be washed if you want to work more but really if you do nothing to those items, they will end up clearing up on their own. The bug will do that all by itself.  So…you can make the bug do that work for you. Of course you can still wash that clothing and such if you want but it becomes almost irrelevant as the room will clear up all the same.

Preparations for the bedroom.

The preparations we recommend are on the preparation page that is found on the website menu. However there are often unique situations that can alter how you prepare or what you will need to do to make this simple approach work.  They are listed here below.

  • Wood Bed Frame.  As you might hear wood is beloved by bed bugs. Ok really they seem to like the feel of something natural to hid in. And often wood bed frames have deep crevices that offer both difficulty in the inspections (are there live ones hiding inside that crevice?) as well as a nice protected home just too close to your pillow.  If you can assure they are destroyed on the frame (we usually use heat or a steamer) then the wood frame may be fine for this.  But if you cannot assure yourself of having eliminated them on the frame, maybe a different (preferably all steel) frame is a worthy alternative.
  • Floor clutter.  Generally its illegal to spray clothing, and not very nice to wear it after.  Its just best to declutter the floor in order to treat the room.