German Cockroach

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While it is often quite easy to control the common roaches found outside of homes here in the Phoenix area, there is a particular type of roach that is often considered very hard to control.  But not for us!

The German Roach.

The German Roach has been plaguing mankind for a long time. These are not outdoor roaches and are not controlled through common methods. Since these are proficient at infesting kitchen and bath areas (hiding within the deep cabinet recesses) they also can cause great trouble and embarrassment. We have a great program for German Roaches that is not invasive, virtually non-toxic and can be guaranteed for up to a year.

Benefits of the Naturzone German Cockroach service:

  • Virtually non-toxic. The bait we use has a minute natural toxin derived from a soil based bacteria.
  • Virtually odorless. What little smell you might notice will be like molasses.
  • Long lasting. The bait we use is dry (others typically dry out) and will stay effective for up to a year.
  • Customer can stay. (the so called clean outs many other companies do leave strong long lasting foul odors.)
  • Very little preparation is needed.  So often people are required to empty the cabinets, etc.  Our service can be done without clearing the shelves.
  • Best Warranty. The products we use stay effective long enough to help insure a long warranty.

How you get German roaches.

Simply put they are nearly always brought in. These roaches do not thrive outdoors. Typically they are imported inside objects such as toaster, microwaves, dishwashers and so on. Also they can be brought into a home from food establishments. Sometimes they can even be brought in on such items as totes, purses and furniture.

When found in a multi-family dwelling they can also invade adjacent units, especially those with common plumbing lines. When this happens the only way to eliminate them is to treat all units sharing the plumbing and sewer lines and if the problem is bad enough all units within a structure should be treated.