Commercial Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control Phoenix Service

Challenging Commercial Kitchen Service

Our commercial pest control Phoenix services are tailored to fit the needs of our customers in their specific work environments. We strive to meet the pest control needs of our customers and respect the concerns of their employees and customers.  So often employees can feel helpless as the company they see spraying might be exposing them to unwanted pesticide exposure.  We offer a service where the default standard is to keep the service as safe as possible for those we work around and of course our technicians benefit from the major decrease in pesticide exposure also.

We Protect Your Business

  • Multi-unit Residential
  • Assisted Living
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Service Facilities
  • Professional Office
  • Retail Stores

Your comfort and reputation is affected by both natural and imported pest issues. We recognize the need to keep the service finely tuned in order to provide for your peace of mind.  We guarantee our work and offer free call back service whenever needed.

Specialized Commercial Pest Control Services Phoenix.

Commercial Pest Control Phoenix AZ

German Roaches on Cabinet Hinge

  • Bed Bugs. We offer a unique strategy based approach to bed bug elimination that provides for effective long term prevention.
  • German Roaches. Our approach requires virtually no preparation, is completely natural, odorless and results are long lasting.  See our German Roach page for details.
  • Rodent control. We offer preventative baiting as well as trapping and removal.
  • Mosquito control.  We can do regular treatments and include a garlic barrier treatment service if desired.
  • Gophers.