About Treatment

Initial Inspection.

We can perform an inspection to determine if there indeed is an infestation at a small fee, which can be waived when we do the service. If service is needed we will provide ample instruction on any preparation needed in writing. We can help determine what to do regarding the bed, furniture and surrounding linens and other items related to the process.

The Main Treatment.

Our main treatment will typically take 2-5 hours on an average home, is very comprehensive and has many purposes. Obviously our main purpose is to successfully treat for bed bugs. This is done using the most effective and safest products available. The intention and result of this is to have a protective treatment that will quickly eliminate all of the bed bugs and protect you from any re-infestation for up to a year or more. While on your property we evaluate and implement a strategy to eliminate this pest as fast and comfortably as possible. This strategy is then explained to you in such a fashion so that it can be of use to you forever. Our service is not just to kill off this pest, but to teach and prepare you so you will hopefully never have to pay serious money to deal with bed bugs again. This service includes delivery and set up of useful products such as bed encasements and floor interceptors.

Are follow-ups necessary?

In over 90 percent of our bed bug jobs follow-ups are not needed. This is because we have developed a few protocols that when heeded are virtually fool proof. We find that the few times we need to return to touch up a job are for items such as a couch, where the combination of factors may allow for a short term persistence issue.

Our Guarantee.

We usually offer a 1 year guarantee (and yes it can be extended). There are many reasons for this. One reason is that we use products that last, which should offer suitable protection against any persistent infestation. Another is the thoroughness to which we apply ourselves. We want our customers to have the peace of mind knowing that we will stick with them until the bed bug problem is eliminated. Finally we have empathy. I cannot imagine paying good money for a service, and then having to make the same investment without knowing if it could have been prevented.